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As I perused through Morgan Wiltshire’s Photography blog, right here on WordPress, I started wondering why we photograph what we photograph.  Sometimes I feel like we’re just people that have similarities to crows, we see something shiny (or otherwise interesting) and we have to stop and observe.  But we like to observe longer than others I suppose so maybe that’s why we feel compelled to take a photograph of whatever subject it was and bring that part of something with us.  Maybe we’re all trying to tell a story, maybe the story is being written while we photograph it and we don’t even notice until after it’s over.  After all we can’t make history happen identically, once an event has occurred it’s over.  Are we trying to convey something?  Maybe it’s our own unique non-verbal language that we convey through images.  We always try to find the meaning in photographs, and most times we’re not sure when we’re put on the spot.  We take so many photos we don’t always have time to sit and ponder what made us take THAT photo.  I notice though, that photographers/artists will stop dead in their tracks if they see something they need to capture (via whatever their chosen medium).  What does that mean?  Sometimes we’re conceptual and we set out to photograph that particular thing we’ve pondered so laboriously over, and other times we’re blatantly intuitive and we stop where we are to capture whatever it is that got our attention.

**Why do you photograph what you photograph?**