I am currently a college student, which may be a role I continue for quite some time with the state of the economy the way it is.  I was in the military as an active duty photographer, I served my enlistment and am finishing up the photo degree that I began in the Air Force.  I’m debating on where to continue my education, London is looking really nice right now, but we’ll see where things take me.  I began this blog as part of an assignment for college but am hoping to use it to my full advantage.  I don’t know a lot about blogs just yet but I’m researching (which is fun).  So for now, I look forward to any comments/feedback on my imagery.  I’ve been dabbling in several types of photography: commercial work, still life, abstract, photojournalism, etc.  But I’m now looking to refine my endeavors, I’m trying to focus on commercial work such as portraits and fashion.  On a personal note, I’m a single, 29 y/o female on a mission to secure myself a great career.  My fingers are crossed, so here I am giving this a shot 🙂