Okay, I take it back, I don’t really hate Sasha Eisenman but I didn’t really care for the first photos that I saw of his… at first.  I had to rethink this, if you are unfamiliar with Sasha Eisenman (which I admittedly was) the most recent pictorial of his I have reviewed is in this month’s edition of Playboy featuring May Andersen.  At first I looked at the photos of May Andersen in a very casual manner, but when I really started looking at them the photographer in me came out.  I was surprised that Playboy would have any photographer that I didn’t like.  So I did a little digging, I want to Mr. Eisenman’s website, I knew Playboy wouldn’t let me down with a bad photographer so I had to see what they saw to hire him.  And I was amazed, he quickly turned from a photographer I was uncertain of to one I totally admire.  His photos do exactly what he means for them to do, they entice and demand attention.  I love them, especially his editorials.  My oh my his photos for Tetu Magazine Mega Force in his editorial section definitely caught my eye.  So I had to revisit Miss May and see what it was that I disliked in the first place.  I realized that I was off put by them because I understand (some of) the behind the scenes action now.  And oddly enough I could imagine myself staging the same shots as Mr. Eisenman.  I was conflicted in thinking that if I could foresee setting up those shots shouldn’t a bigwig photographer in Playboy being doing something far grander than I?  But I realized that importance of including those Polaroid-esque images, they were the random images that were awesome but were designed to look like they weren’t forced, they were almost natural candid moments.  Shoot they may have been candid moments!  I learned a good lesson that I intend to use again, if I don’t care for an image (or if I absolutely love it) I need to investigate the photographer and see what it is I do/don’t like and learn from them.  Had I not had that first thought that I didn’t like Sasha Eisenman’s work I wouldn’t have discovered my newest photographic hero.  I aspire to be as good as Mr. Eisenman, so thank you Playboy for catching me off guard and giving me the surprise that is Sasha Eisenmen.  And May Andersen looks pretty fantastic too 🙂