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One of the projects I am working on is for a spring fashion shoot, which I’m totally stoked about.  The concept is “Spring Crazy” so I decided to style my model’s hair into a faux hawk….  then I had to figure out how to make her hair stand straight up in the air!  I did my research and came to the traditional punk rock conclusion that Elmer’s glue is a sure bet, that and a little hairspray and a blow dryer.  My model is Asian so she has very thick hair, I slicked back most of it and went to work with the glue.  It worked wonders for my trial run, I was worried the weight of her hair would make it impossible to defy gravity but I pulled it off.  The shoot is in a few days so as soon as I shoot it I’ll post pics of the results.  I can’t wait!


A little about me.


Some portraits I’ve been working on…


Most mornings I wake up and get excited that I have the opportunity (when I wake up early enough) to sit outside, drink my coffee and greet the morning and all its critters.  I sit and watch the birds and squirrels bicker with one another, I check the status of whatever random plant I’ve decided to cultivate (recently it’s daffodils), and I ponder everything… Which has led me to what I decided to blog about today: How safe is it to ponder anything in an online forum?  I began this blog as part of an assignment for college, I understand the value of starting it up and plan on taking advantage of it but I don’t want to start it out all wrong.  What happens when something I blog about comes back to haunt me in 10 years?  I can’t imagine it would be anything weighty but there’s always the what-ifs.  I’m the type of person who knows better than to talk about something when I’m emotional, better to think about it and decide what the best method of solving my dilemma will be versus shooting off at the hip about xyz.  I have never visited Twitter and I have no intentions of doing so, I can’t understand what on Earth people have to say and why I would want to hear all that random noise.  But isn’t Twitter similar to blogging?  Isn’t it just another venue to voice your opinions?  My rant today is more a question to any reader, how do you calculate the ramifications of what you write in the cyber realm?  It all feels so personal and yet there it is for the world to see.  I have a lot more research to do on blogging so I don’t bury myself before I really get going.  I have looked at so many different blogs in the last 2 weeks that I’m starting to get the idea but then all these questions start coming up.  For now I guess I’ll tread lightly, and while I’m at it I’ll post a few pics, comments are welcome.